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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Cara memegang kamera yang benar #1

Cara memegang kamera bisa sangat mempengaruhi hasil foto yang kamu jepret dari kamera. Terkadang kamu mendapatkan hasil foto yang goyang dan kurang fokus kan?...
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    Indonesia Street Photography

    Street Photography at Car Free Day Surabaya

    Car Free Day is always interesting to do street photography. Peoples get together todo many activities on the weekend, and make photography hobbies or...

    Capturing Street Photography of People and Bicycle

    Using bicycle as our land transportation is good for our health, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic condition. A will always accompany you my friend....

    Street Photography, Walking around Braga Street, Bandung

    It's always exiting to do street photography in Bandung, especially at jalan Braga. You can capture many old building, culinary and many activity. Gedung Sate,...
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