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Cara memegang kamera yang benar #1

Cara memegang kamera bisa sangat mempengaruhi hasil foto yang kamu jepret dari kamera. Terkadang kamu mendapatkan hasil foto yang goyang dan kurang fokus kan?...

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    Capturing Night Street Photography at Singapore

    Singapore Night Street Photography. Doing night street photography are always interesting. I do walking from my hotel to marina bay sand and capturing the interesting happen on the street.

    I use fujifilm X100F for this night hunting, combine with iphone for editing / crop for some photo.

    For disclaimer: this activity were carried out before the covid-19 pandemic.

    Here some photo i capture:

    0227164B A823 475D A269 5F83A0A76684
    DBD04D10 439C 4369 983D FF0CB743536C
    1B6FE37B A2C1 44BB 9D5E FD2FB514B206
    862B9815 70B4 4F5A ABC2 509F12AF0FF0
    7B3BC358 3A3E 4690 849D 65C72C631F0D
    6C9F8A9A 17BA 4709 B6F4 81ADD0F9241C
    0DDF0A37 C530 4C17 B93C B16A226A68E9
    F9D28D88 8071 4724 89F5 0D3459BCA464
    5AEC8585 DD95 4C84 B264 4CA8DAA0EACB
    B24E5193 9890 4372 99BD 13E000FF9817
    34539FD5 DFCE 4743 83E7 994D00020D7D
    41FF7B49 F1AA 49B3 A218 01FF6CF6D565
    FD1F94EB AF5E 45EC 8A19 6FA6536925C8
    8E00D061 B359 46DF A844 343584832E00
    1920B788 6678 471B 9446 F0888FAE30F5
    343F911E 26A2 485C B8D5 D86319ABE686
    324E09CE 11E1 4777 83F9 593328F20D85

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