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Cara memegang kamera yang benar #1

Cara memegang kamera bisa sangat mempengaruhi hasil foto yang kamu jepret dari kamera. Terkadang kamu mendapatkan hasil foto yang goyang dan kurang fokus kan?...

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    10 Days in a row Photo Challenge

    10 days in a row Photo Challenge. What kind of challenge it is?

    I don’t know exactly where, when and who starting this challenge, i see peoples uploading photo sequentially in 10 days in a row. The challenge is we should upload 10 photo without any caption and explanation about the photo, sequentially in 10 days in a row, and you should invite another friend in every photo your upload. There is no requirement to use new photo, so i can use my existing photo in my disk.

    But i get something to try, to challenge my self to make great photo everyday in a year, at least 1 new photo a day. I will call it #365photochallenge.

    The following photo below is my answer to her challenge in facebook, i just copy and embed it here.

    #Day 1

    #Day 2

    #Day 3

    #Day 4

    #Day 5

    #Day 6

    #Day 7

    #Day 8

    #Day 9

    #Day 10

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